Challenges in modern software engineering Quiz Answers

Hello Friends in this article i am gone to share Software Architecture for the Internet of Things by EIT Digital | Challenges in modern software engineering Quiz Answers with you.

Challenges in modern software engineering Quiz Answers

Question 1)
Why is software architecture becoming more important?

  • Because digital infrastructure is becoming more important and is a key business driver for many sectors.
  • Because other methods, like quick-and-dirty programming, are outdated. You should avoid using these older methods.

Question 2)
Why is developing a good software architecture especially important for Internet of Things systems? Select all that apply.

  • Many devices carry embedded software. This means that the software should last long and be able to work with as many future devices as possible.
  • Everything is connected in IoT: to deal with this complexity, we need a solid architecture.
  • Internet of Things applications should be secure, safe and user-friendly. Having all these features also makes them complex. Complex systems need a solid, well-designed architecture.

Question 3)
What is (technically speaking) the most complex to achieve when architecting a software system?

  • To make a system that’s an interactive application, such as an Angry Birds game.
  • To make a real-time, fault-tolerant system, such as an avionics system.
  • To make a distributed collaborative system, such as a Dropbox.

Question 4)
Is it advisable to talk to the end users when you are building the architecture?

  • You can’t be cautious enough when talking about your project to people – including end-users. They might not have your best interest at heart; idea theft is a very common problem in the industry.
  • Most often, end-users aren’t qualified when it comes to software architecture. Their input isn’t the most valuable if you’re looking for advice on how to build your architecture. You’ll benefit more from talking to your coworkers or other experts in the field.
  • Yes, taking your end-user’s wishes into account is very important. You should always keep the end-user’s desired qualities and values in mind.

Question 5)
What is (from a software point of view) the most complex to achieve when architecting a software system?

  • IoT systems have a short lifespan. Consequently, we should try to develop them as quickly as possible, preferably at a low cost.
  • IoT systems have to connect to lots of external interfaces over which you often have no control.
  • People who have a very limited IT knowledge will use IoT systems.



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