Data Security Perspectives Quiz Answers

Hello Friends in this article i am gone to share Fortinet: NSE 1 Information Security Awareness | Lesson 2 – Data Security Perspectives Quiz Answers with you..

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Lesson 2 – Data Security Perspectives Understand the various attack methods employed by bad actors and learn best practices to protect yourself and reduce risk. In this lesson, you will learn important cybersecurity terms, common attack vectors used by bad actors, and the principal cause of computer and network breaches.

Data Security Perspectives Quiz Answers

Question 1)
Which definition best describes personally identifiable information (PII)?

  • A means of identifying the author of information
  • Any information that someone can use to identify you
  • Personal preferences, such as favourite settings in applications
  • A government-issued number that is used to identify a citizen, mostly for tax purposes

Question 2)
In the context of cybersecurity, which definition best describes social engineering?

  • A group of engineers who come together to talk code
  • A cooperative method used to develop and improve code
  • An exploitation of a relationship or interaction to trick a person into divulging sensitive or
  • personal information
  • A movement by which engineers are coerced into writing code a specific way

Question 3)
Identify the best description of vishing.

  • The process of introducing malware by some security loophole in an application
  • A phone exploitation that often relies on caller ID to appear legitimate
  • A fraudulent text-based message that attempts to trick someone into divulging information
  • A fraudulent email that pretends to be from a reputable source that targets a group of people for purposes of disclosing information

Question 4)
Which description best identifies the term malicious code?

  • Untested code that a vendor releases to the public
  • Code that does not behave in the manner intended by its author
  • An unwanted file or program that can cause harm to, or compromise data on, a computer
  • A program that has flaws in it

Question 5)
Which description best explains cybersecurity?

  • Securing cyber advantages over a business competitor
  • Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI)
  • Protecting networks, devices, and data from unauthorized access
  • Home and business security, using motion sensors and monitored by a security vendor

Question 6)
identify three examples of personally identifiable information (PII). (Choose three.)

  • Credit card
  • Full name
  • Your network login credentials
  • Biometrics, such as a fingerprint
  • A one-time passcode sent to your device


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