Deploy Application Using Command line interface IBM Cloud

Hello friends in this article i am gone to share how you can Deploy Application Using Command line interface IBM Cloud with you..

Deploy Application Using Command line interface IBM Cloud


  • Create an IBM Cloud application by using one of the available runtimes.
  • Sign on to IBM Cloud from the CLI.
  • Deploy an application from a local workstation by using the IBM Cloud CLI
  • Test the application with its endpoint after the application is deployed and started.

Start using Command-line interface

  1. Login to IBM Cloud.
  2. Click IBM Cloud Shell, as shown in the image below.
  3. Launching the IBM Cloud Shell

Launching the IBM CLoud Shell

4) Confirm that the CLI runs correctly by running the following command. The output will be as in seen the picture below.

1st Command
ibmcloud version
Finding the ibmcloud version

5) Run the command uuidgen to generate a 16 digit unique number. Copy the first 3 characters to use in naming our application.

2nd Command 


Generate UUID


6) Copy your Unique id Number in any text File..

Creating an application

1) Go to the  IBM Cloud Dashboard.

2) Click Create resource on the right, as shown in the picture below.

Create Resource button


3) You can now see the entire catalog. In the Search field, type “Cloud Foundry” and select Cloud Foundry.

Cloud Foundry

4) On the Cloud Foundry page, scroll down to Application runtimes , and then click  SDK for Node.js, as shown in the image below.


SDK for Node.js tile

5) Choose your region, choose your lite plan.

6) Enter a unique name for the application.

Note: You can use CP0251-xxx-nodesample, replacing xxx with the first 3 characters of the uuid you generated 

7) Accept the defaults for the other fields and click Create.


Create Node.js Cloud Foundry Application
NOTE: Wait until the application finishes staging and is running in IBM Cloud before you proceed to the next step. Look for the indication that your app is running.

8) Click Visit App URL which will open a new browser tab.

Starter application displayed in browser

9) Confirm that the sample application appears, as shown below.

Starter application displayed in browser


Congratulations: you successfully use Command line interface and created application in IBM Cloud.



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