Documenting requirements Quiz Answers

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Documenting requirements Quiz Answers

Question 1)
How do we define “quality” in this course?

  • Quality is the capability of a software product to conform to requirements.
  • Quality is valued as perceived by the customer or stakeholders.

Question 2)
What are good requirements? Select all that apply.

  • Requirements that are testable and measurable.
  • Requirements that are written down in technical language.
  • Requirements that are clear for all its readers.

Question 3)
Use cases or scenarios are used for documenting …

  • Quality attributes
  • Functional requirements
  • Constraints

Question 4)
As a nurse, I want to receive a notification on my smartwatch when a patient needs help, so I don’t need to carry an extra device and I can easily take a look even when I’m doing other things. This is an example of …

  • A quality attribute scenario
  • A user story
  • A main success scenario

Question 5)
The movement sensor notices that there is nobody left in the room and sends a message to the sensor management system. This sensor management system combines this message with other information (e.g. a light sensor and other movement sensors), and decides to turn the lights off. The movement sensor’s information is correctly included with a probability of 99,9%. This is an example of

  • A quality attribute scenario
  • A main success scenario
  • A user story

Question 7)
Which of the characteristics below should a good requirement not have?

  • Unambiguity
  • Easy, normal language
  • Precise, technical language



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