L3 Challenge Questions Answers

Hello Friends in this article i am gone to share Homeland Security & Cybersecurity Connection – It’s Not About the Terrorists  by the University of Colorado System  Week 1 | L3 Challenge Questions Answers with you..

Homeland security is about safeguarding the United States from domestic catastrophic destruction. Domestic catastrophic destruction comes in two forms: natural and manmade. For most of history, the manmade variety came in the form of warfare and required the combined resources of a nation state. 

L3 Challenge Questions Answers

Question 1)
What did the investigating 9/11 Commission say was the singular distinguishing characteristic of the 9/11 attacks?

  • Surpassing Disproportion
  • Overwhelming Force
  • Unprecedented Attack
  • Unconventional Tactics

The hijackers caused 3,000 deaths and $40B in damages at an estimated cost of $400,000 to plan and execute the 9/11 attacks.

Question 2)
How did the 9/11 hijackers achieve WMD effects without using WMD?

  • They defeated the nation’s air traffic control system.
  • They subverted the nation’s transportation infrastructure.
  • They hijacked large jets fueled for intercontinental travel.
  • They crashed large jets into tall buildings.

The hijackers carefully selected aircraft scheduled to fly to the US west coast knowing that the extra fuel would create a larger explosion

Question 3)
Why is the potential to inflict catastrophic damage using the nation’s infrastructure such a serious problem?

  • Because critical infrastructure cannot be separated from the nation’s well being.
  • Because critical infrastructure is both physical and virtual.
  • Because critical infrastructure is mostly owned and operated by the private sector.
  • Because critical infrastructure is essential to public health.

Critical infrastructure is essential for surviving and thriving in an urban society; without it, the earth could not support 7B+ people.



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