L4 Challenge Questions Answers

Hello Friends in this article i am gone to share Homeland Security & Cybersecurity Connection – It’s Not About the Terrorists  by the University of Colorado System  Week 2 | L4 Challenge Questions Answers with you..

Homeland security is about safeguarding the United States from domestic catastrophic destruction. Domestic catastrophic destruction comes in two forms: natural and manmade. For most of history, the manmade variety came in the form of warfare and required the combined resources of a nation state. 

L4 Challenge Questions Answers

Question 1)
Referring to the current definition of homeland security, what do “terrorism” and “hazards” have in common?

  • They can both result in domestic catastrophic destruction.
  • They can both result in the collapse of US government.
  • They are both natural disasters.
  • They are both unstoppable.

9/11 and Hurricane Katrina are two of the ten worst disasters in US history.


Question 2)
According to the course’s working definition of homeland security, what is primary concern of homeland security?

  • Hazards
  • Collapse of US Government
  • Domestic Catastrophic Destruction
  • Terrorism

Domestic Catastrophic Destruction can result from either natural or manmade disasters.


Question 3)
According to the course’s working definition of homeland security, what is the essential task of managing homeland security?

  • Cost Management
  • Security Management
  • Risk Management
  • Resource Management

The word “Safeguard” in the course definition implies 1) that there is no such thing as complete security, and 2) homeland security actions must be taken across the four stages of disaster. Deciding how much security you can afford is a risk management process.


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