Linux Fundamentals Module 3 Quiz Answers

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Linux Fundamentals Module 3 Quiz Answers


Module 3 Quiz Answers

Question 1)
Which file type is not normally a text file?

  • Wordprocessing file
  • Configuration file
  • Log file

Question 2)
Which command can show two text files side by side in columns

  • head
  • tail
  • pr

Question 3)
Which of the following is not a pager utility?

  • head
  • more
  • less

Question 4)
Which search utility can use a database to make the search faster?

  • locate
  • whereis
  • find

Question 5)
What parameter do you pass to the find command to specify a file name pattern?

  • name
  • -pattern

Question 6)
What character do hidden files start with?

  • $
  • .
  • Any alphanumeric character

Question 7)
Which option allows ls to sort by size?

  • -S
  • -s
  • -Size

Question 8)
Which command is used to copy files?

  • cp
  • copy
  • makecopy

Question 9)
Which type of link allows you to delete the original filename and still have access?

  • hard link
  • soft link

Question 10)
If you do not pass an option to the ln command what type of link will it create?

  • hard link
  • soft link



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