Making the Business Case Quiz Answers

Hello Friends in this article i am gone to share Coursera Course: Homeland Security & Cybersecurity Connection – It’s Not About the Terrorists Week 4 | Making the Business Case Quiz Answers with you..

Making the Business Case Quiz Answers

Question 1)
In this course, we make the point that cybersecurity is essential to critical infrastructure protection, that, in turn, can help prevent domestic catastrophic destruction, which is the essence of homeland security. However, we recognize that not everybody taking this course may work with critical infrastructure. How then do you justify the need for a robust cybersecurity program within your organization? Pick from the following list all the reasons why an organization should consider developing a robust cybersecurity program.

  • Management Oversight
  • Labor Reduction
  • Internet Reliability
  • Operation Disruption
  • Proprietary Data Loss
  • Cloud Computing
  • Liability Costs
  • Credibility Loss


Question 2)
Once you make the business case to management why they need a robust cybersecurity program, the next question invariably is “how much cybersecurity?” How much more equipment, personnel, training, and procedures are necessary to safeguard your organization from cyber attack? Understanding that there is no absolute protection from cyber attack, the answer to management’s question is always “how much risk are you willing to accept?” Of course this answer always begs the question, “how much risk are we assuming now?” This is where the cybersecurity policies examined in this course demonstrate their essential value. Each of the four programs studied in this course provide a continuous improvement process for 1) determining where you are now, and 2) charting where you want to go. Each provides the means of measuring progress towards a self-determined goal. What is the primary advantage of this approach?

  • It Facilitates Annual Budgeting.
  • It Facilitates Strategic Planning.
  • It Supports Executive Management.
  • It Supports Corporate Shareholders.



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