Sandbox Quiz Answers

Hello Friends in this article i am gone to share Fortinet: NSE 2 Information Security Awareness | Sandbox Quiz Answers with you..

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Sandbox Quiz Answers

Question 1)
Which two problems was network security experiencing before the introduction of a sandbox solution? (Choose two.)

  • Firewalls were non-existent.
  • AVs were not introduced into network security.
  • Security devices did not communicate with other security devices on the network.
  • Network security was unable to handle a coordinated attack using different threat vectors and methods.

Question 2)
For which two reasons was the sandbox solution added to network security? (Choose two.)

  • Firewalls and AVs were helpless against unknown threats.
  • Unknown threats needed to be quarantined.
  • AVs were able to stop unknown threats, but firewalls could not.
  • Firewalls were quite sufficient but better risk management was needed.

Question 3)
How does sandbox solve the problem of aggregating threat intelligence data?

  • By alerting administrators to threats
  • By executing malicious code in multiple isolated environments
  • By sharing malicious code with all devices on the network
  • By sharing valuable threat intelligence to the security devices on its network

Question 4)
What are two characteristics of a sandbox? (Choose two.)

  • A sandbox provides full network security.
  • A sandbox only provides completely independent protection of IOT devices.
  • If something unexpected or malicious happens, it affects only the sandbox.
  • A sandbox confines the actions of code to the sandbox device and in isolation to the rest of the network.

Question 5)
Which two business problems is FortiSandbox trying to solve? (Choose two.)

  • Nonexistent or inadequate firewall protection
  • Insufficient fine-tuning of network performance
  • The choice of performance over security by businesses
  • The potential to exploit OS or application weaknesses with malignant code

Question 6)
What is the purpose of the sandbox?

  • To stop all BYOD network traffic
  • To run vulnerability scans on all network endpoints
  • To flag and pass the known exploit to the endpoint to handle
  • To observe the activity of unknown code in a quarantined environment

Question 7)
What is a zero-day attack?

  • Exploiting a vulnerability scanner
  • Exploiting an unknown deficiency in code.
  • Vulnerability scanning from the zero-day
  • Exploiting only zero-day configured firewalls.



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