Securing Linux Systems Module 4 Graded Quiz Answers

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Securing Linux Systems Module 4 Graded Quiz Answers


Module 4 Graded Quiz Answers

Question 1)
Which tool can be used to manage the Uncomplicated Firewall Service?

  • ufw
  • iptables
  • firewalld

Question 2)
Which firewall uses zone?

  • firewalld
  • iptables
  • ufw

Question 3)
Which firewall is built into the Linux kernel?

  • netfilter
  • firewalld
  • iptables
  • ufw

Question 4)
Which type of firewall can look at multiple packets?

  • stateful
  • stateless

Question 5)
Which packet filtering will let the packet pass?

  • log
  • drop
  • reject
  • accept

Question 6)
Which information is not used in the Firewall ACL?

  • Packet Content
  • Source address
  • Destination address
  • Inbound port

Question 7)
What does DenyHosts protect against?

  • brute-force attacks via SSL
  • Viruses
  • brute-force attacks via OpenSSH

Question 8)
What does Fail2ban monitor for?

  • Viruses
  • Repeated failures from the same host
  • Brute-force attacks via OpenSSH

Question 9)
What allows you to group several network ports so you can set rules as a whole?

  • ipset
  • ifconfig
  • firewalld

Question 10)
What tool allows you to turn on IP forwarding?

  • sysctl
  • iptables
  • firewalld



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