SEMrush Backlink Management Exam Answers

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SEMrush Backlink Management Exam Answers

Question 1)
How does Google discover pages and links?

  • Quality Raters check things manually
  • robots.txt tells it what to do
  • Spiders crawl pages and follow links

Question 2)
What is the best type of link?

  • Links you buy
  • Links from press releases
  • Links you earn because you’re awesome
  • Internal links with strong anchor text
  • Social media links pointing to your site

Question 3)
Which SEMrush tool helps you find backlink prospects and even send your outreach emails right from inside the tool?

  • Backlink Gap
  • Backlink Analytics
  • Link Building Tool

Question 4)
The SEMrush toolset uses a link authority metric called …

  • Trust Flow
  • Domain Authority
  • Trust Score

Question 5)
If you’re hit with an algorithmic link penalty, you’ll receive a message in Google Search Console.

  • True
  • False

Question 6)
When using unlinked mentions to build links, you’re looking for:

  • Mentions of your brand on social media
  • Directory sites that list your business
  • Forums where people are complaining about your business
  • Other websites who mention your business but don’t link to you

Question 7)
Sponsorships are a link building tactic that you should avoid, because you’re basically just buying a link

  • True
  • False

Question 8)
When doing link research, when should you look for the contact information for each opportunity?

  • Once you’ve decided to go after that particular link
  • While you’re doing the research, so it saves time/effort later
  • At the end of your campaign when you’re ready to do outreach

Question 9)
One of your customers shared a link to your site on their Facebook. What type of link would it be?

  • Follow link
  • Widget embed
  • Nofollow link

Question 10)
Which SEMrush tool will help you find unlinked mentions of your site?

  • Backlink Gap
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Backlink Audit



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