Web Application Firewall Quiz Answers

Hello Friends in this article i am gone to share Fortinet: NSE 2 Information Security Awareness | Web Application Firewall Quiz Answers with you..

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Web Application Firewall Quiz Answers

Question 1)
When considering web application firewalls, what two factors make a signature-based approach to defense, obsolete? (Choose two.)

  • Signatures cannot stop SQL injection attacks.
  • Signature-based detection is too slow to identify threats.
  • Signature-based detection is not effective against zero-day exploits.
  • Signature-based detection, when used alone, can generate many false positives.

Question 2)
Which was the predecessor to a web application firewall?

  • Web firewall
  • Internet filter
  • Antivirus software
  • Application firewall

Question 3)
What do web application firewalls do that traditional edge firewalls do not?

  • Block protocols
  • Block port numbers
  • Block MAC addresses
  • Block SQL injection attacks

Question 4)
What does a web application firewall do?

  • It allows applications to access online content.
  • It provides a means for businesses to monitor which web applications their users are accessing.
  • It prevents applications from accessing the web at certain times of the day.
  • It monitors and blocks malicious HTTP/HTTPS traffic to and from a web application.

Question 5)
Which statement about integrating FortiGuard Labs with FortiWeb is true?

  • FortiGuard Labs provides vital updates to FortiWeb about new threats.
  • FortiGuard Labs provides machine learning features to FortiWeb.
  • FortiGuard Labs must be integrated with FortiGate first, before integrating with FortiWeb.
  • FortiGuard Labs is an optional feature that does not provide any benefits to FortiWeb.

Question 6)
In which two ways does machine learning help make modern web application firewalls more effective? (Choose two.)

  • It allows them to adapt to the ever-changing attributes of threats.
  • It allows them to choose the most appropriate web application for a given task.
  • It allows them to return search results quicker than using traditional filtering methods.
  • It allows them to perform behavior analysis at machine speed.

Question 7)
Which two products can be integrated with FortiWeb? (Choose two.)

  • FortiFax
  • FortiSandbox
  • FortiPhone
  • FortiConnect
  • FortiGate

Question 8)
Which action can a modern WAF do?

  • Segment the network based on device type and user role
  • Connect all tools in the security stack into defined workflows
  • Stop any user action should it exceed their network permissions
  • Survey the network and calculate a value to represent the security posture

Question 9)
Which three features are characteristics of the latest generation WAF? (Choose two.)

  • SPU
  • DLP
  • DDoS defense
  • Network segmentation
  • IP reputation

Question 10)
Which protocol traffic does a web application firewall (WAF) monitor?

  • IP
  • TCP
  • HTTP
  • CLNP

Question 11)
Which new feature characterized second-generation WAFs? Select one:

  • Heuristics
  • Packet analysis
  • Machine learning without human supervision
  • Port and protocol blocking

Question 12)
Which event was the motivation for web application firewall (WAFs)?

  • ARPANET was brought online
  • The first wide area network (WAN)
  • The development of the hypertext transfer protocol
  • The debut of the World Wide Web

Question 13)
Which firewall is positioned between a web application and the Internet? Select one:

  • Edge firewal
  • Packet filter firewall
  • Segmentation firewall
  • Web application firewall


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