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Leadership, Motivation and Organizational Control
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Hello Friends in this article i am gone to share Coursera Course: Leadership, Motivation and Organizational Control Week 3 Practice Quiz | Controlling and Improving Results Quiz Answer with you..

Controlling and Improving Results

Question 1)
Which of the following is a historical record that control standards may be based on?

  • systematic analysis
  • high hopes
  • past performance

Question 2)
A supervisor sets a standard for their department that materials be used with no more than 2% waste? What has the supervisor done?

  • Made a correction.
  • Identified a current problem.
  • Established a control.

Question 3)
As a new supervisor, you are creating new departmental rules to ensure your team accomplishes their goals. What are you doing?

  • taking corrective action
  • monitoring
  • fixing
  • establishing controls

Question 4)
What is the most appropriate first step of the organizational control process?

  • Measure actual performance.
  • Compare actual performance against standards of performance.
  • Initiate corrective action if a standard is not being met.
  • Establish standards by which performance is to be evaluated.

Question 5)
At which step of the control process do managers evaluate whether the actual performance of the organization differs significantly from the standards of performance being used to assess the performance of the organization?

  • Compare actual performance to the standards
  • Establish the standards of performance
  • Measure actual performance
  • Initiate corrective action

Question 6)
What is defined as an absence of defects and the presence of desirable product or service features?

  • Quality
  • Six Sigma
  • TQM
  • Customer Satisfaction

Question 7)
Sales of a product are declining even though quality standards were raised to be more competitive with imported products. Which might explain why sales have declined?

  • The organization should have lowered prices to gain market share.
  • The organization’s perceptions of quality differ from customer perceptions.
  • The organization should have been more innovative with its product.
  • The organization did not raise prices and consumers equate price with quality.

Question 8)
Which is a method for improving product or service quality?

  • Management by Objectives
  • ABC Classification
  • Six Sigma
  • Outsourcing

Question 9)
The idea that longer-term success is achieved through customer satisfaction is consistent with which management theory?

  • Total Quality Management
  • Benchmarking
  • Six Sigma

Question 10)
A supervisor has made it very clear that anyone who does not follow the new controls will not get a bonus. Which method is the supervisor using to soften employee resistance to controls?

  • be specific
  • Don’t Make Threats You Can’t Keep
  • Apply Controls Consistently
  • make the penalty for nonconformance clear

Leadership, Motivation and Organizational Control


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